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Healthy MealsEasy Health Meals are suppliers of fresh and healthy meal options to the health and fitness industry.

After a quick lunchbreak work out, Easy Health Meals help you fit in a healthy lunch when time is limited. At the end of the day fitting in a work out is great but takes the mindspace & energy away from focusing on making a health meal for dinner. Easy Health Meals eliminate the danger of unhealthy meal choices late at night. Being healthy is easy with Easy Health Meals.

Only Available In-Store. Look For It In the Refrigerator.

Meals available include:

Beef Strips with Rice or No Carbs

Mince Beef with Rice or No Carbs

Chicken Mediterranean with Sweet Potato (Paleo)

Chicken Portuguese No Carb

Chicken with Rice. Comes in Herb Garlic, Portuguese, Peri Peri, Lemon Pepper.

Turkey with Rice

Basa Fish with Rice

Salmon with Rice

Lamb with Rice

Wholemeal Lasagne (Cheat Meal)

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