ICN Event Information

ICN Event Information

ICN Event Information


ICN North Coast Classic
27th Mar 2023

ICN Sydney Superbodies
15th Apr 2023

ICN Muscle & Model Supershow
29-30th Mar 2023

ICN National Championships
6-7th May 2023

ICN National Pro Show
6-7th May 2023

ICN Coffs Harbour Classic
16th Sep 2023

Opal Cove Resort

ICN South Coast Classic
23rd Sep 2023

UOW Great Hall

ICN NSW State Championships
7th Oct 2023

West HQ


ICN North Coast Classic 2022

ICN Sydney Superbodies 2022

ICN National Championships 2022

ICN National Pro Show 2022

ICN Coffs Harbour Classic 2022

ICN South Coast Classic 2022

ICN NSW State Championships 2022


ICN North Coast Classic 2021

ICN Sydney Superbodies 2021

ICN National Championships 2021

ICN NSW State Championships 2021

2020 Season B

icn south coast classic 2020 poster

ICN South Coast Classic 2020

icn NSW state championships 2020

ICN NSW State Championships 2020

2020 Season A

ICN north coast classic 2020

ICN North Coast Classic 2020
Cancelled due to Covid-19

ICN Sydney Superbodies 2020
Cancelled due to Covid-19

icn city national 2020

ICN City National 2020
Cancelled due to Covid-19

2019 Season B

ICN Coffs Harbour Classic 2019

ICN South Coast Classic 2019

ICN NSW State Championships 2019

ICN Australian PRO/AM Championships 2019

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