Noshu Donuts


All Love. No Sugar.

NOSHU is an Australian-owned company committed to developing revolutionary natural products that enhance your life in a positively delicious and healthy way. They take all the bad stuff out, and put good stuff back in, making NOSHU products as decadent, delicious and satisfying as they are nutritious. “All Love. No Sugar” is their philosophy, because we believe that healthy food should not taste like cardboard, and that those with intolerance’s, allergies or even diabetes should also be able to enjoy decadent treats without compromising their health. Perfect sports snack for athletes.

Gluten Free

Noshu donuts are baked, gluten free, no added sugar, naturally sweetened, low carb with an average 130 calories per serve! Each baked donut has less carbs, less sugar and more fibre than a medium apple*, making them an ideal diabetic and carb conscious snack.

NOSHU guilt free donuts are made with all natural colours and flavours and only the highest quality virgin organic coconut oil – rich in medium chain fatty acids, which are known for their thermogenic effect.

Popular among the Paleo community, their light and moist cake-like texture is thanks to a unique recipe comprised of low-starch, grain-free flours and fibres including coconut flour and pumpkin purée. Designed to be an allergy-aware treat, NOSHU donuts are made without nuts to be lunchbox friendly, also totally dairy free and made with zero preservatives. NOSHU products are sweetened with a blend of two natural sugar substitutes: Erythritol – a naturally occurring substance in fruit and vegetables which has almost negligible calories and no impact on blood sugar, plus a small amount of the highest quality pure Stevia – a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of an Amazonian herb.

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Noshu Donuts