ICN Competitor Information

Event Information

Updated 12/3/2021

Entry Fee

$200 Includes first division (Entry Fees are paid on day at check in)
$75 for each additional division. (Max of 5 divisions in total)


Specator Tickets

(Backstage helpers and Coaches must purchase a ticket)
Pre-Purchase www.icnnsw.com.au
Tickets will go on sale to competitors 2 weeks before the event, followed by spectators.


Individual Photos

Visual Lab Productions are offering competitors individual stage photos. You will receive Images of you on stage. These are close up images from different angles. Your first division is $70 all extra divisions are $20 each.  
Once you confirm your entry book online:  




All Competitors will be able to view stage footage of the event on our ICN NSW YouTube channel courtesy of ICN NSW. We will send all competitors a link to view them once uploaded. Clips will be uploaded within 3 weeks of the event.



All Enquires

Email: nsw@icompetenatural.com

Phone: 0402 999 905

How To Enter

ICompete straight-to-stage technology allows you to enter and manage your entry via your personal membership portal https://www.icompetenatural.com which can be accessed from any device (however mobile phone is not always compatible with all aspects of the entry process).

  1. Follow these steps to create your Membership and enter the competition:
    Go to https://www.icompetenatural.com and register to become a Free member.
  2. Login to ICompete using login details emailed to you upon becoming a member.
  3. Upgrade to Premium Membership. You must be a Premium Member before you can enter an event. Premium Membership costs $150.00. This allows you to compete in all events worldwide for either Season A-B
    or Season B-A.
  4. Once you are a Premium Membership you can enter the competition. You will find the Enter New Event tab on the left-hand side of the HOME screen of the Members Portal. Click on this and use the step by step process to enter the event.
icompete screenshot

Compete in any number of divisions

With the successful development of ICN events by removing posing routines from the show format, we now have time available for competitors to compete in multiple divisions in your selected category up to a maximum of five (5) Divisions.
Please note: Please read and check the division’s qualifications and category rules.



You are responsible

Drug testing performance enhancing substances at ICompete Natural events is conducted via WADA standard urine analysis at international labs. Over the past 3 years approx. 80% of our positive contest day tests have occurred because of banned ingredients in USA supplements taken on event day. As a general rule, don’t take any supplement 3 days prior to the competition. This will avoid an inadvertent positive test from a substance only banned “in competition” which is mostly the problem we see with pre-workouts supplements. When selected for drug testing please follow the official to the test area (located in another area of the venue). Let the official know if you are competing again soon, we will let you prepare and compete first.


Division Eligibility

First Timer
First Timer means you have never competed before in any federation – ever. First Timer means this is your first contest. You can enter multiple First Timer divisions in your first contest. Note: First Timer does not mean this is your first time in the division – do not enter a First Timer division if you have competed previously

Rookie is your first year of competing in a specific division. A year is 2 seasons. So, you are a Rookie for Season A and B, or Season B and A

Entry is eligible to competitors who have not won (placed first) in an Open Division (includes winning an Open Height Class). The Novice divisions suit competitors who are early in their careers or still developing their physique

You must have had at least 1 child to enter Momma Divisions. We may split height classes if division entries exceed a certain amount. This would be at the discretion of each promoter.

Age Groups
There are many age divisions a promoter may offer 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+. It is the age you are at the time of the event for these divisions. For e.g. If you are going into the 30+ div and the event is on the 18th April your birth date must be after the event day. Check website for more details.

Open Classes
Open is the highest level of any particular Division where the best of the best is determined.
To have a chance to win an overall title you must enter in an open class.

Overall Title
The Open (Height Class) winners participate for the Overall Title at each event. This means if you want a chance to win the Overall Title you must enter an Open class. You may also enter into additional divisions if you choose. You can NOT enter any extra divisions on the day of the Event.


ICN Pro League
The ICN PRO League has been created due to the rapid increase and quality presented in ICN Amateur events. The ICN PRO League brings together the BEST OF THE BEST from all around the world to compete on a National and International platform to earn prize money through their efforts in selected ICN PRO Events. 

ICN Pro Cards
Winning an Open Title at either the ICN National or Australian Championships.
ICN Australia offers Prize Money to ICN PRO LEAGUE Competitors at Pro Show Events.


Categories & Crossing over Rules

Competitors are allowed to compete in a Maximum of 5 divisions.

Some divisions will not run unless there is 3 or more competitors entered into them. With the exception of some age group & Rookie divisions that a competitor might not be eligible to enter into at their next event.

Ms. Fitness Models
Are allowed to crossover into Ms Sport’s model, Ms Figure, Runway, Angels & Swimwear divisions only, but not into the Ms Bikini Divisions.

Ms. Sports Models
Are allowed to crossover into Ms. Fitness Model, Ms Figure, Runway, Angels & Swimwear divisions only, but not into the Ms. Bikini Divisions.
ICN Sports model outfits are compulsory to wear. You can purchased them prior to your event online or on the day at registration. Pre-purchasing your outfit before your event gives you the opportunity to try it on and practice in it.

Ms. Bikini Model
Are allowed to crossover into Runway, Angels & Swimwear divisions only. Not Fitness or Sports Model divisions or Figure.

Ms. Figure
Are allowed to crossover into Runway, Angels, Swimwear, Ms Sports Model and Ms Fitness Model Divisions

All female competitors are allowed to enter Angels, Ms. Runway, Ms. Swimsuit Model divisions.

Angels, Runway and Swimwear Divisions are not available at all ICN events. Please check Run Schedule for division availablity.

Men’s Fitness
Are allowed to crossover into the Men’s Classic Physique only not into bodybuilding or Men’s Physique.
ICN Men’s Fitness shorts are compulsory to wear. You must purchase them online or on the day at registration. Pre-purchasing your outfit before your event gives you the opportunity to try it on and practice in it.

Mr. Physique
Are allowed to crossover into the Men’s Classic Physique only not into Men’s Fitness or Bodybuilding. Any type of Board Shorts is to be worn just above the knees.

Men’s Classic Physique
Are allowed to crossover into one other Men’s Category.
ICN Men’s Classic Physique Shorts are compulsory to wear. You must purchase them online or on the day at registration. Pre-purchasing your outfit before your event gives you the opportunity to try it on and practice in it.

Men’s Bodybuilding
Are allowed to crossover into the Men’s Classic Physique only not into Men’s Fitness or Mr. Physique.

A full description on category description and images go to ICN Categories



Backstage Guidelines

Only ONE helper allowed backstage per competitor. Bring your own stretch bands/weights to pump up if required. ICN insist your tan be applied prior to arriving at the venue, only a final ‘touch up’ is required. We discourage the use of transient products like Dream Tan and recommend using our preferred tanners. SKINZ STAGE TEAM. www.skinzst.com/bookings
Competing has four conditions:

  1. Competitors must bring a towel (or similar) to stand on when they are applying any tan/oil.
  2. Wear sandals (or similar) at all times backstage until you go on stage.
  3. Competitors must be fully clothed before sitting on chairs in the venue.
  4. Do not touch or lean on walls or furniture whist at the Venue. Fees may apply if found to damage furniture at the venues.



Your Check List

Fees – Must be brought like this at check in on the day of your event

icn envelop

All payments are to be handed in at check in on comp day using the example as pictured. Please only include the CORRECT amount in an Envelope.

What to Bring

☐ You’re posing outfit.
☐ A spare outfit if possible and a small sewing kit if needed accidents happen.
☐ A towel (to stand on while preparing to go on stage)
☐ Thongs must be worn at all times until you go on stage
☐ Extra Clean Clothes (Competitors must be fully clothed before sitting on chairs in venue.
☐ Resistance Bands (optional) to pump up with
☐ Plastic bag for rubbish and dirty clothes
☐ Baby wipes or similar to wipe off any marks that you might make by accident.


Tanning, Hair & Make up

SKINZ Stage Team is our Official Tanning & Beauty Team – Get your tan right with Skinz .

Book through the Skinz website: www.skinzst.com/bookings

All tanning is to be done prior to arriving at the venue, unless booked with Skinz Stage Team.

Only final touch ups will be allowed backstage.

Skinz is the only Tanner, make-up and Hair Company allowed to set up tents or Tables backstage at this event.


Individual Stage Photography By Visual Lab Productions

Our partner Visual Lab Productions is offering ICN competitors the opportunity to pre-book individual stage photos. The media production team will focus their lenses on pre-booked competitors. You will receive amazing stage shots of all the hard work you have put in that will last a life time.

Your individual images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the event date.
You will receive an average of 10 to 15 images for your first division and an additional 10 images per extra division you enter.

Pre-Book individual stage images for 1st division $70.00, and $20.00 for each extra division entered.

Bookings will close on the same date as ICN NSW event entry dates close.

Backstage Studio Photography By Visual Lab Productions

Visual Lab Productions will have a professional studio set up in the pump-up / backstage area of the event. You will have the opportunity to get professional studio images with family & friends.  

Your backstage images will be delivered within 2 weeks of the event.
Pre-Book backstage studio shoot images $70.00

All pre-bookings can be made on the following link: https://www.visuallab.com.au/icn-nsw-bookings

For all inquiries contact the Visual Lab Productions team on: info@visuallab.com.au

It is a condition of entry into all ICN NSW events that no use of professional cameras with interchangeable lenses such as DSLRs and mirrorless camera systems are to be used. ICN NSW has the right of refusal to any persons who they see not following the rules of the event.

visual lab stage photos

visual lab studio photos