rab, owner of the edge sports supplementsRAB

Hi I’m Rab Mehajer and I founded The Edge back in 1998. I have a background as an Olympic weight lifter and a champion bodybuilder in my youth. I am also a qualified personal trainer. I established The Edge Supplements to address a clear problem that needed to be solved, “Quality supplements that work at an affordable price!” Both myself and the staff at Edge Supplements help all different kinds of athletes, from those who needed to lose weight, to those who want to gain muscle or compete in bodybuilding competitions. Even before the wide use of the internet the Edge Supplements had established itself as a brand name that people could trust. The dedicated staff at the Edge must have done something right as the company still exists nearly 2 decades later. With the help of our website we can reach many more sports athletes that need our help and support. – Rab


Hi I’m Gaby. I am one of the sales representatives at our Parramatta store and I’ve been part of Team Edge since the very beginning in 1998. My experience allows me to give my clients the service that is second to none in regards to sports supplements. From the age of 14 I played the highest level of soccer and soon became a professional playing for club and country. When I moved overseas to further my career I needed to be stronger and injury free so I started weight training. And that’s how got hooked on to taking supplements. I take L-Glutamine, BCAAs, Whey Protein, CLA, Test Booster, Pre-Workout, Fish Oil and Creatine. Once I started taking supplements I noticed immediate results. I took my training to another level and improved my physique tenfold. My aim is to provide the right product and right advice in relation to training. Knowledge is power and I want to give that to my clients. – Gaby



Hi I’m Iggy. I am the Digital Marketing and IT manager here at The Edge Sports Nutrition. My supplement and training background began back in 2003 when I completed a 12 week Body for Life Challenge. Since that time I have also had a strong association with the icompete natural bodybuilding association since 2013 as a run and gun photographer and videographer. Supplments I use for general all round health and well being include glutamine, magnesium, zinc, choline inositol, l-tyrosine and taurine. – Iggy







Hi I’m Sasha. I am one of the sales representatives at our Parramatta store and I’ve been part of Team Edge since January 2012. I specialize in weight training, sports nutrition to help a number of my clients to lose weight, gain muscle and even compete. Before joining the team I was physically unfit and suffered from severe asthma. I couldn’t even run 10 minutes on the treadmill. I soon decided to use supplements to help me with my training. So I met the staff at the Edge and soon became a customer. That has to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Now I’ve given up my medications and seen remarkable changes to my body, now I practically live and breathe nutrition and training, so they now call me a gym junkie. Since I started taking supplements and following a balanced diet I have improved my physique, and I’m in the best shape of my life. Now I conscientiously continue to use Whey Protein, Pre-workout, Fish Oil, BCAAs, L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine to the max. My motivation comes from trying to improve my physique and live a healthy lifestyle. Now I’m part of the Team Edge to show you how it’s properly done. If I can do it so can you. So in reference to ‘Star Wars’, I want to be the ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ to the many of my ‘Luke’, with the Edge being the Force that will guide you. So join the Edge, the ‘millennium falcon’ of all supplement stores. The Edge and I will take you to new heights. – Sasha



Hi I’m Jess. I am one of the sales representatives at our Parramatta store and I’ve been part of Team Edge since 2017. I have been weight training since 2014 and also do aerial fitness and tag football. As well I have a cert 3 in Fitness and also have a chemistry and forensics double degree. Come talk to me about your strength training and fatloss needs. – Jess