Are You Getting Enough Protein

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Are You Getting Enough Protein

Are you achieving the results that you want with your health, fitness and physique? Do you feel tired and unmotivated to train? Have your results been diminishing even with all the time and effort you have been putting in? If you have said yes to any of these, then the solution to the problem may be simpler than it looks. Protein may be the missing link in helping you to achieve all your training goals!

It’s amazing to see people in sports and health experts that underestimate just how important protein is to health and fitness. You may eat chicken, fish or red meat once or twice a day, but this is not enough to repair all the cells in your body, which means it is certainly not enough if you want to achieve more from your body than just maintenance.

protein articleTo build muscle, increase strength, burn fat and recover faster from training you will require 2.2g (Protein) per kg (of body weight) per day. Protein is the building blocks of your body. It repairs all cells including hair, skin, nails, heart, digestive tract etc. Protein assists in the production and regulation of hormones that will give you more energy and make your body work more efficiently.

Let’s put the need for protein into perspective. In 3 seconds over 50 Million cells in your body will be damaged if some of these cells are not repaired, then your body can slip into a state of tiredness, fatigue, and weak. Too weak to even function properly. Your body prioritises the protein to where it is needed first i.e.: organs that keep us alive.

One of the last places protein is supplied to is your muscles, to assist in repair. Therefore if you want muscle repair, growth and fat loss you must consume more protein more often to allow a continual supply of amino acids to your body.

Giving your body the adequate amount of protein that it needs for maintenance, repair and recovery will ensure that your body is able to continuously function in an optimal state. Imagine your body as a house, if it gets damaged you provide the materials to repair it. If you don’t repair it when it gets damaged then over time you have a house that is weak, and will crumble in a storm.

Give your body the protein it needs from sources such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy and vegetable sources such as legumes and nuts. To help you optimize your protein needs a combination of these in your meals is recommended throughout the day and a good whey protein powder will further assist the recovery process from an intense training sessions.

Whey protein is easy to digest with a high absorption right. Immediately post workout is the most optimal time to have your protein shake so that your body can start its repair process.