Top 6 Nutrition Rules For Training

top 6 nutrition rules article

Top 6 Nutrition Rules For Training

top 6 nutrition rules articleWhether you are training for muscle gain or fat loss, your ability to recover and make progress will be hampered if you neglect your nutrition.

Training and nutrition work together to create the results you are looking for yet so many people neglect to look after their nutrition even though they spend more time outside of training.

Follow the guidelines below to achieve your fitness goals sooner and remember you can’t out train a bad diet.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Experts agree that by skipping breakfast you will make up for it later on in the day. More than likely by giving into cravings that is not so healthy. Jumpstart your metabolism by eating first thing in the morning. A good quality protein shake with banana or strawberries is a quick and easy option if you don’t have the time to prepare a balanced breakfast.



Taking 3-10 grams of the amino acid called Arginine an hour before training increases blood flow to the muscles, boosting metabolism and enhancing your pump. It also helps the natural growth hormone (GH) burst associated with training, which amps muscle growth and steers the body towards using fat for fuel instead of muscle protein and glycogen.


Drink Your Protein

Protein is a nutrient essential to muscle repair and it comes first to strength training and general body toning. Powders are more readily absorbed than tougher solid proteins such as meat and poultry. Also it generally helps satisfy your appetite by stabilising blood sugar levels. The most critical times to have a protein shake is an hour before and immediately after your workouts to ensure your body has adequate levels of amino acids when it needs it.


Cardio on an empty stomach

Have you ever been told that you’ll burn more fat if you do cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast when your blood glucose is low? Research has shown exercising after an overnight fast does increase the amount of fat used during your workout especially when the type of exercise is performed at very low intensity. However it does not burn more calories, which is what’s really important for fat loss.


Best time to take supplements

If you are taking supplements to gain lean muscle, it’s best to take them close took your workouts.Taking a protein/creatine/glucose supplements (one gram per kilogram of body weight) immediately before and after your strength training is over has a greater increase in lean body mass and strength and higher muscle creatine and glycogen levels. As a result your focus is greater and your body is primed to build muscle.


Eat before training

Your body needs fuel to perform its best. Try to have a protein shake, yogurt or some fruit or something which is high in protein and carbs and low in fat before training.